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– Black Rhino Game Reserve –

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Black Rhino

Pilanesberg National Park

Have you ever dreamt of having your own African Bush Lodge inside a world famous Malaria Free Big 5 National Park less than 2.5 hours drive from Gauteng and only 30 minutes from the nearest airport? If so then it’s time for you to discover Black Rhino Game Reserve and the ownership options on offer.

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Frequently Asked Ownership Questions

Because of the limited number of stands available, interested prospective purchasers are required to sign an “Intent to Purchase” document to secure the stand of interest and pay a securing deposit of R150 000 (one hundred and fifty thousand rand). If requested a short but practically reasonable period of time is then allowed for an inspection of the site and a tour of the property. Thereafter, a formal “Agreement of Sale” would be entered into.

If needed it is possible to obtain finance for the purchase and development of a sectional title stand from most commercial banks as is the case for any other residential property.

Purchasers of stands can use their own architects to design their lodges subject to the architectural guidelines laid down for Black Rhino Game Reserve.

Investors are entitled to utilize their own construction teams to build their lodges. We can also make available the details of building contractors who have built lodges in Black Rhino. There is no prescribed timeframe within which the building process needs to commence. However once construction commences the dwelling must be completed within 12 months. Various site rules apply to the construction site and these are provided purchasers of stands.

The primary reason for acquiring a lodge or a share in a lodge in Black Rhino is for self (residential) use as opposed to commercial use which requires commercial rights. However unused time in private lodge residences may be let out to offset holding costs according to the rules of the HOA and, in the case of shared ownership lodges, the shareholders agreement.

Black Rhino is entitled to have 20 vehicles at any one time on game drives within the Pilanesberg National Park. FGASA qualified and registered owners are allowed to self-drive their own OSV’s in Pilanesberg National Park.


Photos of Black Rhino Reserve


Pilanesberg National Park

Black Rhino Game Reserve is strategically located 33 kilometres north of the entrance to Sun City
in a Malaria free area adjacent to the prestigious Pilansberg Game Reserve which in turn forms
part of one of the most sort after Eco-Tourism destinations in Southern Africa.